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Yi Wang, M.Ed, LPC

From time to time, I have couples, or individual clients, who ask me: " :Don't you feel pessimistic about relationships after hearing so much struggle and conflict?" What a great question! Starting from the very first day, when I decided to pursue specialty in couples therapy, I have been asking myself, "What led me to this?" "What keeps me in this?" "Why is this my passion?" "How does this work impact my view of life?"

My practice in couples therapy has certainly shaped how I perceive love and intimate relationships. In working with people just like you and me, people who fight to connect and re-connect with their loved ones, fighting through a jungle of tears, pain, distress, and despair in order to achieve a new level of closeness, I have come to honor and cherish our human desire for connection more than ever. I feel life is never more hopeful than the moment I see a couple step into my office together. I feel life is never more beautiful than the moment I witness someone finally take a risk to express longing for his or her partner with just a bit less fear of rejection than before. Strange enough - or not strange at all - it is all these ordinary people's extraordinary quests for love that are so powerful and moving .Each and every one of their journeys, are Academy Award-winning Best Pictures in real life. 

For this reason, I continue to work with individuals and couples who bear their pain and scary feelings trying to change their negative dynamics. I am trained in Sue Johnson's evidence-based model Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and appreciate the theory and the tools I've gained in its practice. It has empowered me both professionally and as a person. It has empowered my clients. With this "smart GPS for love and connection," I am confident on how much hope and positive change it will bring into your most beloved relationship.