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Sharon Rothbart, RN, MSW, LSW

I am here to assist you in identifying your strengths, and to help them flourish. I appreciate people's complexities and will help you formulate the best way to move toward your goals. I have experience supporting clients with anxiety, trauma, depression, panic disorders, isolation, relationship, divorce and career issues, as well as the grief associated with illness or loss. I am also an avid LGBTQ supporter and have a deep commitment to human rights, so I am comfortable exploring the gender spectrum as part of a healthy journey in life. To this end, I assist parents in understanding and accepting children who are in the process of questioning their gender. 

I specialize and have advanced training in EFT and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), while I incorporate a multitude of modalities to meet your needs. I view people in a gestalt framework, as a "unified whole." The mind, body, and environment interact continually, and if appropriate, I suggest techniques such as cognitive exercises, meditation, and relaxation to enhance the flow.