Welcome, welcome, welcome!

We are delighted to welcome you to The Jewish EFT Institute - NJ’s EFT Jewish Community and a division of the EFT Center of New Jersey. As a part of EFTCNJ, we share the same mission and goals, furthering the learning and growth of EFT in the greater NJ area, but more specifically tailoring to the needs of Jewish clients and therapists. We offer Jewish therapists a place to meet, where they can grow in their EFT clinical skills and network with one another. We also offer easy and direct access to Jewish couples who would prefer treatment within their cultural norms.

Our commitment is twofold. We aim to:

1) provide a safe learning environment to Jewish therapists, providing trainings and supervision that does not conflict with Jewish holidays and Shabbos.

2) ensure our clients receive treatment which is culturally sensitive, promising to be understanding of the Jewish faith, culture, and laws during the course of engaging in EFT couples therapy.

The EFT Jewish Institute offers:

Weekday NJ Externships - Externships that are Monday thru Friday, working around the time constraints of Jewish members and the Shabbos.

Weekday Core Skills Series - Rather than the typical four-weekend format for CS, we are pleased to be able to offer the series in four two-day sessions that are held on weekdays only. Like all other NJ Core Skill series, they are led by our talented NJ EFT trainer Debi Scimeca-Diaz. 

Monthly EFT Group Consultation - Held on the 2nd Saturday evening of each month, these are ongoing EFT supervision groups that are led by Goldy Gorelick, LCSW, the Director of theJewish EFT Institute  (click here for more on Goldy). For more information, please email: goldylcsw@gmail.com .

Hold Me Tight Workshops for Orthodox Community - Following Sue Johnson's format for the HMT workshop, these are specifically tailored to the cultural norms of Jewish Orthodox couples. For more information on these culturally-tailored HMT workshops, please contact Marcy Davidovics at frumholdmetight@gmail.com .

We continue to grow our community and welcome feedback and suggestions from all new Jewish EFTCNJ members who have contributions to make. Please contact The Jewish EFT Institute Director Goldy Gorelick at goldylcsw@gmail.com or EFTCNJ President Debi Scimeca-Diaz at dsdiaz@couplestherapynj.com