The most important thing when looking to buy a camera is to make sure you can record in mp4 format. You don’t want to record your EFT sessions in high definition and then have to format it to mp4 for long distance supervision.  Secondly, the camera should allow for an external Microphone (MIC Input) to be connected to it in the event you have bad acoustics in your office and need to purchase such a device to improve sound quality. There is no ability to enhance the sound from your computer after video has been recorded. Mic must be hooked up to the camera when recording your session. The Canon Vixia is the most popular camera being used by EFT therapists at this time, and it can be found on

If you want to invest in a good mic, the H2 Zoom, found here, is a very sensitive mic which is quite able to pick up even the softest of voices.